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Bathroom remodeling

Unsurpassed work!
Only the best specialists with extensive experience.
We show you what you can save without compromising quality.
All the services for comprehensive bathroom remodel, from replacing pipes to installing plumbing.
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Advantages of our offer

Would you like to be surrounded by comfort within your own 4 walls? Talk to us about a comprehensive remodel for your bathroom!
  • Bathroom design
    The experience and professionalism of our employees allows us to implement projects of any complexity.
    We are prepared to perform any kind of work, from standard, economical solutions to more unusual implementations of exclusive designs, just for your bathroom.
  • Responsible focus
    We follow through with the agreed deadlines.
  • Honesty
    In the estimate, we indicate the price of all the materials when carrying out a comprehensive remodel.
  • Clean work
    You don’t have to worry about cleaning up our construction debris. We’ll take care of it! You will have both a clean and renovated bathroom!

Main stages of bathroom remodeling

Repairing any room requires a certain order for executing actions, which allows us to highlight the main stages of the works. This approach greatly simplifies the work and allows us to analyse each action in detail and calculate all the expected costs. As in other rooms, bathroom repairs must be carried out according to a certain procedure, and if it is not followed, it can affect quality and lead to additional financial costs.

In order to ensure your satisfaction with the bathroom repair, we must think about all the small details in advance and take into account the special conditions of this room. While the renovation of other rooms only requires standard decoration, the interior of a renovated bathroom involves more elements than just the exterior coverings, including a well-made drainage and plumbing system. Therefore, the sequence of stages in a bathroom renovation includes at least 5 main parts, each of which is greatly important.
Developing Design Projects
To ensure that there are no technical problems or difficulties in the process, bathroom repairs must begin by creating a project.
Disassembly and Preparatory Work
Disassembly and surface preparation during a comprehensive bathroom remodel are meant to free up space where repairs are going to be made. Previous finishes will be removed as precisely as possible, using a special tool to avoid damaging the foundation. This list also involves the preparation of the walls for wiring, which facilitates electrical installation work.
Replacing water pipes
This step begins by disassembling the old pipes. New water and sewage pipes will be installed in accordance with the project. Water filters and sumps are installed at this point. By replacing old pipes in a comprehensive bathroom remodel, we will eliminate the risk of leaking due to damage in the old system.
Laying Tile
Before laying the tiles, the surface is waterproofed with a special material. Then, dividers are set and the false ceilings are installed, if they are included in the project. The sequence of this step depends on the finishing materials selected.
Installation of sanitary facilities
This is the last stage of a comprehensive bathroom renovation. In the renovated bathroom, we install a bathtub or shower, the sink, the furniture, and other desired things. We finish up by cleaning the bathroom. Now, you can enjoy the new bathroom of your dreams!

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