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Comprehensive remodeling

The comprehensive remodeling includes the entire range of our services. Starting from the replacement of sewer pipes and electricity, ending with the cleaning of a fully equipped apartment.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your comprehensive remodel:

  • We only work with trustworthy providers
    Reparations are not made to last 1 or 3 years, but rather for 10 years or more. This is why we recommend that you trust in us, as we will choose lasting, quality materials at a reasonable price.
  • There is no idle time, thanks to our qualified specialists and a sound approach
    Due to our competent work organization, there is no idle time, which affects the repair time. We save your time!
  • Payment for finished work
    We begin working upon signing the contract. No prepayments. You only pay after seeing the result.
Comprehensive remodeling
We offer repair and decoration services, including comprehensive repairs of houses and apartments, as well as commercial premises. We have done general repairs in Maspalomas, San Agustín, Puerto Rico, Mogán, Las Palmas, etc. Our work stands out for its quality, price, and speed! Our company’s main goal is to make your ideas a reality and do the repairs you’ve dreamed of! Every month, we publish photos and videos of our works. Follow us on social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You can see our customer testimonials and our company’s location on Google Maps. In the gallery, you can also see photos of our finished works.
Comprehensive remodeling:
• Comprehensive home remodeling
• Comprehensive office and site remodeling
• Ceiling and roof remodeling
• Wall remodeling
• Floor remodeling
• Comprehensive kitchen remodeling
• Comprehensive bathroom remodeling
• Window and door remodeling and assembly

Quality guarantee

Work results on your mobile!
We take photos of our works in progress and, if you request it, we can send them to you through Whatsapp or by email. You can follow each step of the work we do.
Total control of the Works Manager!
The works manager checks the work of our specialists up to 4 times a week. All of the specialists give him an update, and he updates them, in turn.
Payment upon finishing the work
The payment will be submitted through instalments, and only after the work is complete, normally in 2-3 stages. Each of the payments will be specified in the contract and be confirmed through signatures.
Warranty contract
There is a contract with a warranty. We monitor the progress of the work.

Comprehensive remodeling

- Budget calculation based on 17 factors.
- Transparency throughout the whole process, no hidden payments!
- Warranty contract.
- More than 14 years of experience!
- The island's best quality at affordable prices!
Free cost estimates for the project - no obligation!
We will get back to you in the next 30 minutes!
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Example of comprehensive remodeling

VR 360
Renovación de un estudio en Maspalomas, San Agustín, vídeo VR 360
Studio in Maspalomas, San Agustín
We present another comprehensive remodel in Maspalomas, San Agustín... We have renovated this studio in San Agustín, near the beach. It consists of one large room, which includes the bedroom and the kitchen, a spacious closet, and a comfortable bathroom.
The goal was to make this studio visually more spacious. We managed to increase the appearance of space in the main room and the bathroom by playing around with lighting tones and a high ceiling. Despite having few square metres to work with, we have managed to give the studio a more spacious and comfortable appearance. Our designer has created the interior using a wood style, providing a cosy, warm, and comfortable touch to the studio. Integrated audiovisual devices and additional LED lighting create a modern, elegant, and bright room.
The comprehensive renovations include:
• Changing water and sewage pipes
• Changing the electrical installation
• Woodwork
• Changes in room layout
• Aluminium joinery
• Assembling the Ikea kitchen
• Complete bathroom renovation
• Installation of audiovisual devices and much more...

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